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Sharbel Dalal

Composer and Pianist


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Musical Stylings

Carrying the Tune

Watching a Movie
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Playing Violins

Film Composition

Life Descriptions

Electronic Composition

Piecing the Music Together

Classical Composition

New takes on old sounds


Excerpt of Musical Works

Journey into Sound

String Quartet Op. 111

A string quartet based on the starting few notes from beethoven's final piano sonata. The quartet is structured as a fugue going through different episodes leading to a culminating ending.

String Quartet
Image by Dolo Iglesias

Piano Sonata

A piano sonata in three movements. First movement in sonata form, with a recurring sweet theme leading to the second movement, which functions as an interlude between to the last fugue like third movement.

Mass for Choir and Percussion

Mass for choir and percussions, is my first journey into choir music. In this piece the choir converses with the percussion creating an almost perfect harmony between the two somewhat contrasting forces.

Formal Choir Performance
Star Formation

Cosmic Fox

One of my first experiments in electronic music. Based on a  painting of a fox in outer space, this work is short and focused, mixing together classical thought for music progression with electronic sounds.